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I was very shocked and appalled when I heard the sacred music of the "Ave Maria" song on one of your Amazon Prime commercials. This is a disgrace to the Catholic community, as this sacred song is used for our funerals and religious ceremonies.

How dare you think that this would be an appropriate advertisement for your company! Why target Catholic and Christian people? I have an idea ..

ban this song from this commercial and replace it with the "Hava Nagila" song. Lets see how that plays out with the Jewish community.

Thank you and please remove this song from any future advertisements!


Valerie W.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Prime Video Commercial.

Reason of review: advertisement.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Amazon Prime Video Pros: Good service.

Amazon Prime Video Cons: Bad advertisement on tv.

  • Inappropriate Advertisment
  • Advertisement
  • Ave Maria Song
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I agree with the person I also am Catholic. This is considered sacred music to we Catholics.

When you start using other religious hymns I will change my mind that you are just mocking the Catholic Faith. There is plenty of other beautiful music you could use.


I agree and am tired of having my Christian practices taken away. This is the worst to use a religious song to Mary in a commercial for money


The Catholic community does not own the rights to this song. Anyone who pays for the right to use the music can use it.

That's like claiming no one can use Amazing Grace because it's in the hymnal at my church. If you don't want to watch the show, don't watch it, but you don't have ownership of the music.